Our Story

Built in the 1890’s Wool Growers has served the community for over 100 years. With its white exterior and neon sign with the traditional red, white and blue of France, Bota bag and martini glass, Wool Growers may seem ordinary but it is anything but. Walk through the swinging saloon style doors where you will be welcomed with a smile and hello from our bartender. Take a seat at the bar, try one of our Picon Punch cocktails that we are known for, and strike up a conversation with one of many patrons joining you. A delicious bar menu is also available. We offer a full bar including beer, wine and cocktails.

If that doesn’t strike your fancy, head through the next set of swinging doors and you’re transported to Basque country. Our dining room is setup in traditional family style with long tables featuring red and white checkered table cloths, prints, photos and an occasional stuffed animal lining the walls offering a glimpse into Basque life. Everyone is family at our tables and we hope you come hungry. Sit down, feel at home and enjoy the beautiful tradition of French Basque food. We start you off with fresh soft bread and a bottle of house wine. Vegetable soup, beans, salad with our special dressing, potato salad and lamb stew are next. This is followed by your choice of a main course with the addition of fish offered on Friday. We also have an added special for each day of the week.

In the early years Wool Growers was a safe place for travelers and immigrants with its hot meals and place to stay overnight. The upstairs was shut down as the boarding house, but has since been revitalized into three beautiful rooms representing the Basque, Italian and Portuguese heritage. There is also a warm feeling walking into the Stallion Lounge just down the hall from these rooms, which gives off a retro vibe. As you converse and have cocktails with friends, you can catch a great view through the bank of windows of a beautiful sunset and the Henry Miller Plaza. These amazing rooms are available for business meetings, conferences and private events at a nominal fee .


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